As a structural engineer, you will face the challenge of designing structures that support their own weight and the loads they carry, and that resist wind, temperature, earthquake, and many other forces. Bridges, buildings, offshore structures, space platforms, amusement park rides, and many other kinds of projects are included within this exciting discipline. You will develop the appropriate combination of steel, concrete, timber, plastic, and new exotic materials. You will do the planning and design, as well as visit the project site to make sure the work is done properly.

            Opportunities for civil engineers exist in the public as well as private sectors in large numbers in all branches of design, construction and maintenance, infrastructure development in both India and abroad. Right now constructions industry is booming as there is growth in infrastructure requirement throughout the country.
This stream deals with the following major areas: advanced structural mechanics, finite element analysis, structural dynamics, structural stability, structural reliability, structural optimization, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, steel structures, design for wind and earthquake, plates and shells, bridges, tall buildings, towers, computer applications in structural engineering, fracture mechanics, masonry structures, power plant structures, composite structures.

Program Objectives:

  • To produce Structural Engineers who integrate and build on the program's core curricular Concepts in the pursuit of professional leadership, teamwork, life-long learning, and Career advancement.
  • Enhance postgraduate design expertise by offering curricular design experiences that include projects involving the professional community.
  • To introduce traditional curriculum consisting mostly of practical courses in numerous special aspects of concrete and steel structures.
  • To emphasize thorough understanding of the basic principles and exposes the student to the latest discoveries and trends, aided by the strong research orientation of the faculty.
  • To mould the students prepared to gain not only a deeper expertise, but also a greater versatility in choosing careers.





  • To Make the Department of Civil Engineering A Center of Excellence Capable of Providing top class Technical Education.
  • To develop the Overall personality of Students Imbibing Moral Values, Ethics and Ability to stand by What Right Against All Odds and to Achieve desired Results under trying conditons following pragmatic approaches.


  • To provide Exellent State-of-the-art Laboratory Facilities, Faculty and other infrastructure to meet the requirement of curriculum Research and Consultancy services.
  • To provide Top Class Training so as to make the students among the best in the field in Civil Engineering.
  • To impart Technical knowledge to students as to make them face any challenging situation boldly.
  • To imart practical oriented Technical knowledge to students.
  • To enrich the field of Civil Engineering by sustained effors in training of students in Research Activities.


Highlights of the Department :

  • Well-Qualified Staff

  • Research Areas - Solar Energy, Composite Material, Alternate Fuels and Management

  • 100 Computer Systems

  • 32 Mbps Leased Line Internet Facility. (10 Mbps STPI + 22Mbps BSNL)


Dr. G. Narayana
Professor & Head (UG & PG)

  1. K T SATHEESH CHANDRA M.E., (Consturction Technology)
  2. Shashikumar A M.Tech (Ph.D) ( Structural)



S.J.C. Institute of Technology